The bitcoin for all…

So the Lighting network is establishing as a major force in the Bitcoin universe.

Right now for whatever transaction you make on Bitcoin (btw still have no money, so still no BTC for me :(….  ) you need to pay a fee.

Sometimes the fee is small, maybe a couple of dollars. Sometimes is huge up to 25 dollars. It does not matter if the exchange is for 0.00000000001 BTC or 1 BTC, the fee applies for everything the same way.

For many people, Bitcoin is about the money that you can have and to have the option to spend it wherever you want to buy stuff. The fees are wrong in this case.

For other people (like myself) is about an investing option and I don’t see a problem with the fees, even though if there is a way to bring them down I am more than OK with the solution. The solution needs to follow the same principles of security and development of the original Bitcoin ideals.

I found this Wired article (a little long) but a nice overview of the Lighting Network.

Tell me what you think.



Pura Vida.


Just to follow the trend of HODL. I found this Tweet quite reassuring.

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