Too much information..


We live in an age where there is too much noise and barely some signal…

We need a filter.

I am not here to tell you which piece of info is correct or incorrect, I am here to provide you with links I believe are the greatest pieces of info among the noise of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is huge, can be even revolutionary. But, can be frustrating to deal and hard to understand.

As you maybe have read before, a great book to check is Cryptoassets.

But today I want to put a video (another one by Antonopoulos) where he covers all bases of Bitcoin in 30 minutes.

As always give me some advice maybe I am missing something important in this huge topic.


Update: still no monet inverted in Bitcoin, I am waiting for the Nano Ledger S. Will update with more posts like this, until I get the Nano.


Pura Vida!

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