About dead and forks

Can Bitcoin survive?

A battle in all fronts. Bitcoin is a currency, but behind it there is a big decentralized solution that can help the world to get rid of how we think in terms of money and currency transactions.

The way you can see it is like this: there are hundred of thounsand of people working for banks, accounts and financial institutions. The fact Bitcoin is poking that industry and saying:

You know what. I think I can do it better with out a central figure who can show me the way.  

You are going to war.

Forks are the way Bitcoin can update and change, because there is a war out there. Bitcoin can be a very beautiful idea or just a scheme to make easy money.

Andreas M. Antonopoulus (you need to follow him) shows in the video below what Bitcoin needs to do in order to sruvive…. if it survives.

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