Analogies are bad persusion

Analogies are bad persuasion. You will never win a debate or persuade someone towards a topic with an analogy. But….

Analogies are great, to explain something for the very first time.

I have been reading a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, bitcoin (yes with lower b) and how everything is working together with the users.

It is a LOT of information to handle just by reading. An analogy can work the best in this situation.

Ryan Selkins  wrote a “little” list of 95 theses where he summarizes many different ideas about the past, present and future of Bitcoin, Alt-coins, ICO and blockchain in general. I found a little gem among those theses and started to read a nice little book: Cryptoassets by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar.

AMAZING reading and fully recommended.

In the book, there is a nice little analogy that can help to visualize the ecosystem of the Blockchain. It goes like this:

The ecosystem can be tied together the same way as a computer

  • The bottom end where the Hardware is located, should be the miners, they do the heavy work in order to make the whole system functional
  • The next level is the OS, in our case is the Bitcoin software, where you build the code in order for bitcoin (the digital currency) to work.
  • The next level is the applications (the same way IE or Firefox works with the OS), in this case we can think of the information that the users send to the blockchain trough Bitcoin software, in order to update bitcoins, change the ledger.
  • The last level is the end user level. In this case the end user works towards the application in order to get something (look info on google, type text on word).


The landscape right now, seems toward the OS and application side, we are figuring out how to work the last two levels. But, with enough time, I think Bitcoin can help to create and adopt new technologies and people will forget about the 2 underlying layers (Hardware and OS) and start creating new tools above them.


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