About Alt-Coins…

-We have the money!

-How many?

-All of them!


I have an easy plan easy. Learn about Bitcoin, learn about the money market (in this case the digital one) and grow until you get 1, 10, 100 Bitcoin.

I have been reading a lot about the Digital Currencies and found something interesting. Alt-Coins.

I understand this: Alt-coins are not as powerful in the digital market as Bitcoin, either because the code is different, their vision and goals are different, they have not been developed as long as bitcoin or they are a scam.

But, you can use them. In my case I will use them to get more Bitcoins.

A simple strategy:

  • Get Bitcoins.
  • Use some to buy some Alt-Coins.
  • When the Alt-Coins show some good returns, sale
  • Rinse and repeat!


Update: I am still waiting for my ledger device to use with the transactions. That is the reason I have not bought any bitcoins. Until then, keep on reading and keep on learning!

Update2: I will follow @RogueDarren on Twitter, you should too! This guy explains the market much better than I do. Also he has an excellent post about crypto security.

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