How to use KeePass

Password managers are blessing, the fact of matter is you either need to pay for them and they will do the heavy work for you or get a free one and learn how to use it.

I have no money (yet!) so I am going to choose the best free option for password managers that I have found, KeePass.

First go ahead and read the link below. It will show you a deep analysis and recommended steps to use with KeePass

Peter Smittenaar KeePass

You have 2 options: to install the full program on a computer, or to install the portable program on a USB flash drive, the last one is my choice.

As you can see, the boring part of the program is to fill up all the passwords, but once you are done you only have to remember one main password. The main password to access KeePass.

I found it very easy to deal, you can use the encrypted file + the program and put it in the cloud (like Google Driver or Dropbox) or even using a small USB flash drive to save it in you wallet ( your physical wallet 😛 ).

The program offers lots of plugins, in order to keep the file with the passwords updated in a cloud service, like Dropbox or Google Drive.

I found it interesting that it has an option for Android so you can have all the passwords in your smart phone or tablet.

There you go! A password manager for you and your accounts. I will still update when I found something interesting with KeePass or any password managers.

Pura Vida!

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